About us

We have been taking care of El Paso’s finest home builders for over 50yrs. Shop where the builders shop! Jack White has set a fine reputation for selling quality products at affordable prices. Our contractors and builders have known this for some time. We not only sell fireplaces we sell gas logs as well for converting your existing wood burning fireplace into a more effective gas unit.

As a homeowner its time you know what choices you can have for your home. Many may comment, “What can a fireplace do for you in the southwest”? “It never gets colds out here we live in the desert!”

Why does your new home have a furnace? Why do you wear a coat in the cool months of October to March when temperatures drop to the 20s and 30s in the evening? A fireplace adds elegance and appraisal value to your home. Do not sell yourself short your home is the wisest investment you’ll make in your life time choose a Fireplace that adds value, integrity, style and warmth to your investment A fireplace increase’s the resale value of your home just ask any Certified Home Appraiser and who does not want a high resale value on their home!

A fireplace in your home is the second wisest investment next to the purchase of your home. Don’t let anyone fool you into losing money on your investment!!! We have a selection of wood burning and gas burning units on display.

Business hours are M-F 8-5, we are closed Saturdays and Sundays..