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Why A Fireplace?

Four Factors That Make A Fireplace a Must-Have for new Home Buyers

Year after year, in study after study, home buyers rank fireplaces as the most desirable factor. However, only half of new home buyers wind up with a fireplace in their new home.

To explore the disconnect, Hearth & Home Technologies teamed up with independent market research organizations Smith-Dahmer to embark on a yearlong, multi step research initiative to explore the question: Why a fireplace?

The research focused on an array of elements, including home buyer experience, home construction factors and understanding home buyers’ attitudes, interests and needs when it comes to fireplaces, the latter of which was explored in this summary.


After a year of qualitative and quantitative research, the results were clear: Fireplaces are a key element in any new home. In fact, 97% of home buyers indicate they’re open to having a fireplace in their home and, of those, 68% say that a fireplace is a must-have. Data also showed that the primary factors that go into the fireplace decision are simple, and are rooted in emotions, not functional benefits.

The 4 Top Reasons of Having a Fireplace

  1. A fireplace ads warmth and comfort
  2. A fireplace serves as a focal point and visual highlight
  3. A fireplace represents togetherness, a backdrop where memories are made
  4. A fireplace increases a home’s resale value

Download the complete research by clicking HERE

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